1. Chelsea G. Summers


  2. Puppy Love
    (starring Chelsea G. Summers)


  3. This is the LAST (real) B&W instant film on the market. After this is gone all we’ll have left is junk. Sign the petition and let your voice be heard!


  4. I FINALLY MADE IT! And on my birthday no less. My tears and farts are full of joy! The day that this POS, Silent-Musings, finally yoinked one of my images just happens to be today makes me wonder if he is more aware then we suspect….

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  5. Nujen

    Still picking up those pieces…


  6. Jyanavar

    Finally picking up the pieces…


  7. Sister Thyme

    Finally picking up the pieces…


  8. Two Towers on Flickr.

    Looking back on this picture, the towers almost look fake. They were so perfectly smooth and symmetrical….or maybe it was the camera I used (Nikon Coolpix 990). Its been so long that I dont remember anymore. I looked at the exif data and this was taken 6 days before they fell. I remember going down to the pier to do some test shots with the camera, and being what they were, I was having a hard time focusing. From what I remember, this was a crop from a much larger image, since I couldnt get very close with the zoom on the camera. I think it was also the only sharp image I got as well…I converted it to B&W, but PS was far from as sophisticated as it is now. Ive tweaked it a little before posting tonight.

    I have video and pictures from the same area from the morning they fell, but for some reason I didnt bring a real camera. Just janky shots and footage from whatever phone I was using at the time. I wish I had something more substantial to remember them by…


  9. I dont want to be a whiny beeytoch, but I really dont like this new flickr update. Its pretty and all, but it’s just not as efficient as the old version. They rearranged way too much.


  10. Author Cat Winter’s interviews me about working on the cover of In The Shadow Of Blackbirds, and some other related stuff :)


  11. WHERE HE IS NOT (part 2)


  12. WHERE HE IS NOT (part 1)

    Some of Koffee’s favorite spots.

    *Had to split this into two parts as Tumblr only allows 10 images in each post.


  13. and one more for good measure.


  14. I was going through my files so I can start doing some work again and stumbled upon some multiple exposures test shots. I think this one is a good representation of my current state mind.


  15. 2003-2013

    I wanted to write something about my amazing dog Koffee who died 2 weeks ago. But I think I want to keep it to myself. I dont want to share what I have left of him. He was the best. and he will be missed.