1. Good news for all my peeps on the Tumblr!

    In the on going effort to make your lives easier, I have started a seperate Tumblr page for my 365 pics. You can follow it HERE if you want my daily pics to (easily) show up on your Tumblr Dashboard.



  2. Hope y’all have a safe and pleasant holiday!


  3. Been away for awhile, now that I’m back it’s all about the catch-up game.

    Finally got a chance to take some pictures of the iPhone cover. I got a couple of samples while I was in CA. Looks pretty nice! I’ll be making these as people want them, so if you are interested, let me know. Will take about two weeks to ship. I’m not going to do etsy on this, not yet at least. So email me if you want one!


  4. Pinhole:

    Took a picture with my old pinhole body cap, coz it seems to be the flavor of the month.


  5. These are from my trip to the Salton Seas back in 2007. Forgot I took these. We’re heading back there soon. Hope to have some better pics this time!

    Larger versions on the Flickr


  6. I’m putting my feelers out there. I’m thinking about putting these suckers into production, if anyone is interested, let me know. $24.95 w/ free shipping.

    * Also available for 3G/3GS and 2Gen/3Gen iPod Touch models, as well as hard plastic cases for the same models (cases would be quite a bit more, like $49.95ish)


  7. tutu:

    I made this tutu last night for a model that was supposed to come today, she flaked, sad, but whatevas, I didnt really have much faith in her showing in the first place. It’s a nice tutu though (the colors are awful in the picture). Now I just need to find someone else to wear it!


  8. It’s that time of the week again :D


  9. so yeah…I made a facebook page

    it’s narcissism a social experiment. click the icon and show some love!


  10. Panograph Tree:

    Messin with the YOU GOTTA SEE THIS! app for the iPhone.


  11. Panograph Dry Lawn:

    Messin with the YOU GOTTA SEE THIS! app for the iPhone.


  12. Nope


  13. Maple


  14. Exakta VX IIa:

    A beautiful old Exakta from our awesome friend Bob!

    It needs a good cleaning, but it might actually be working condition :)


  15. A Beach on the Bay